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Apache Cordova, dialer, marcar telefono

Apache Cordova

You didn't specify which version of Cordova you are using so I'm going to assume version > 3.

Make sure that InAppBrowser, a plugin since version 3, is installed and then open the link by calling it through Javascript like this:'tel:12345678', '_system')

_system will open it with the systems own browser which in turn will open the call dialog, if you use it against it will open in the maps app and similar for other apps which opens for special urls.


  • As described in the docs of the InAppBrowser plugin the function won't be set automatically. You have to do it your self: =;. Instead you can directly use'tel:12345678', '_system');
  • Make sure your number doesn't have any blankspaces in it (the + prefix is okay). For example you could use a function like the following, assuming num is a string.


function placeCall(num) {
    if (window.cordova) {'tel:' + num.replace(/\s/g,''), '_system');
Simulator doesn't support dialer. No need to waste time.
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Cordova check if file in url exists

Apache Cordova




Update: Works on iOS too.


function checkIfFileExists(path){
    // path is the full absolute path to the file.
    window.resolveLocalFileSystemURL(path, fileExists, fileDoesNotExist);
function fileExists(fileEntry){
    alert("File " + fileEntry.fullPath + " exists!");
function fileDoesNotExist(){
    alert("file does not exist");

Found the solution here.

Works on Android. Will test on iOS and update this answer.

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